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PAM Day One is a same-day absence referral service and a fully integrated feature of our occupational health IT platform, OHIO. The service offers support to your colleagues and advises managers on short-term absence and cause.

The aim of the service is to:
  • ​Provide same-day advice to clients and their colleagues to enable management of short-term absence

  • Offer the colleague a triage/medical helpline, providing support and advice on their health condition 

  • Minimise absence through proactive interventions

  • Provide absence and return-to-work notification reports to the employer/manager

  • Provide anonymous management information on the absences reported to help understand the main issues

  • Act as a deterrent to stop colleagues from reporting non-genuine reasons for absence​


Colleagues contact the Day One helpline and report their employment details, reason for absence, work duties and return-to-work date. This is recorded on our OHIO IT system and can be accessed online by managers.​


Day One can be provided as a standalone service or incorporated as part of a combined occupational health solution.  As Day One data is contained within our occupational health IT system OHIO, this creates a comprehensive health file for your colleagues and ensures a joined-up approach to delivering the services.
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