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PAM Assist EAP team would like to reassure you that we are aware of the tragic incident that took place

at Manchester Arena last night and we are here to offer support. 

If you already benefit from PAM Assist EAP service and feel you need personal support please call us directly on 0800 882 4102.

If you are not an existing client and would like more information or to arrange on-site counselling support for a group of staff, please call:

Malcolm Smith, Head of Psychological Services.  Call 07943 026 738   or email

Debbie Cullen, National EAP Account Manager.  Call 0737 5058 723   or email



In order to effectively support and manage such issues, PAM 

Assist provides a tailor-made service for both managers and their colleagues. Our counselling and support team provide advice, triage and counselling, acting as a proactive intervention to support your



Assistance can be accessed in many ways, including our

 comprehensive online information portal, our 24 hour telephone helpline, UK-wide face-to-face counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy, telephone counselling and secure online video counselling.

We aim to offer employees all the tools, information and support they need to make positive changes to improve their current situation. 

With ever-increasing pressures at work and home, there are times when we all need some extra support to balance the demands of everyday life. That's why PAM Assist provides a free and confidential, Employee Assistance Programme, on a nationwide basis. Staffed by experienced and professional advisors, we are there to answer your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Through PAM Assist, your employees will have access to clinical and professional expertise, giving them a chance to talk about all kinds of work and personal issues that are affecting them. These might include; debt advice, relationships, managing money, stress management, moving house, health advice, work issues, domestic abuse, drug/alcohol addiction, family care or bereavement.


Competitive pricing

is available to suit the size of your organisation & specific needs.

Contact us to find out more.

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