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Critical and traumatic incidents can cause people to experience unusually strong and complex emotional reactions. These emotions have the potential to interfere with a persons' ability to function effectively at the scene and later on, in their everyday life and at work. 


Professional interventions in times of crisis will help to ensure your employee recieves the support they need and minimise the level of disruption an incident may have on your organisation and its performance. Therefore, PAM Assist is available to respond 24 hours a day, via our confidential advice line, with our professional counsellors guaranteeing an immediate response to a critical incident.

The aim of critical incident support is to reduce the effects of a traumatic incident on your staff in order to:

  • Prevent or minimise the psychological effects caused by a traumatic incident

  • Enable people to resume normal life, both at work and at home, as quickly as possible

  • Monitor and support those who may need additional help in managing post-trauma symptoms

  • Instill confidence in all staff, and their families, that your organisation is concerned about their wellbeing

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