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Management Information (MI) is data collected about utilisation, employee engagement and behavioural risk. This information is collected by your Account Manager and reviewed routinely, forming the 

foundations for ongoing continual improvement.


Collecting this data can be key in finding trends throughout the workforce as to why absence

or poor morale occurs. This could be down to a number of issues such as stress and anxiety in

a specific area of your business. Health and Wellbeing initiatives can then be brought into the

workplace to tackle these issues.


A key benefit to our customers is the quality and flexibility of MI and reporting in the format our clients require. We advise our clients on the best methods and level of information based on our vast experience across our client base, enabling 

you to make informed business decisions. 




  • PAM Assist management reports/information can help management identify themes and trends within the workplace

  • Account Manager support in interpreting and analysing data

  • In the event of exceptional trends/issues, the information is passed to the Account Manager immediately as MI

  • Confidentiality is assured - individuals are not named and the information provided is broad banded

  • All PAM Assist case records are computer-based ensuring MI is collected directly from the services provided

  • Compliant with all current Data Protection legislation

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