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Having a fast and cost effective solution to physical pain helps your employees and your organisation. Our Physio Information Line (PhIL) telephone triage service is available when you need it.

Referred employees are supported by our dedicated Triage Team to help assess the injury or condition, which is then reviewed by our qualified MSK clinicians who will conduct a telephone consultation. We will quickly advise whether the employee requires ‘hands on’ treatment from one of our qualified physiotherapists, if their condition can be resolved through our PHIL service, or if the need to see another specialist via their GP is necessary.

We also screen the employee against an evidence based criteria, dismissing any clinical red flags (i.e. whether they require urgent medical attention) and assessing the persons’ psychosocial response to their injury. Immediate advice, guidance and support regarding condition management and recovery is offered and a clinical decision is made as to the most appropriate intervention.
For more information about the Physio Information Line and our other musculoskeletal services, click here to visit PAM Group wesbite.
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