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In addition to providing the PAM Assist EAP service, PAM Group operates as a complete

occupational health and wellbeing provider, offering integrated health solutions for all

your needs and requirements. 


We work in partnership with our clients to promote wellbeing and improve attendance in

the workplace through the delivery of tailored health and wellbeing solutions. Because we

own all of the services that we provide, it minimises our reliance on third parties, which means we operate with pace and simplicity, have greater control of standards and offer reduced costs.




  • PAM Assist - Employee assistance programme

  • PAM OH Solutions - Specialist occupational health solutions

  • PAM Wellbeing - Psychological and muskuloskeletal services

  • PAM DayOne - First-day absence reporting

  • PhIL (Physio Information Line) - First-day physiotherapy telephone support

  • Fit4Jobs - Online employment health screening

  • PAM DAS - Drug and alcohol screening services

  • Wellness Solutions - Health promotion solutions & clinical lead programmes





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